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The Turf grass center was created to allow us to evaluate the many different products that we sell. This demonstration and evaluation forum provides us with a hands on view of each seed from an agronomic and also a cultural aspect. By planting, maintaining and evaluating these many different seeds we are able to make sound agronomic recommendations for a wide range of applications.

We currently have over 500 test plots planted with the addition of 200 – 300 per year that we are evaluating. Our company focuses on high value products that provide excellent results for our customers. Our specialty is turf grass seed that include seed mixtures designed for specific applications including residential lawns, sod producers, golf course, sports turf and low maintenance turf.

The Turf Grass Center provides a great platform of a wide range of plots for our customers’ viewing and education that includes the leading edge genetics that will allow us to be become better turf managers.

Summit Seed


Summit Seed

Commercial and Landscaper seed mixtures specifically designed for each application.


Summit Seed

Seed mixtures for residential use, matching up to existing turf, sodded lawns and renovation projects.  Technical and agronomical advise on planting, mulching, and renovation.

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